Tuesday, 18 January 2011

so many topics

I can't decide what to blog about today.

I've thought about talking about my aim to lose the baby weight (and abit more). Because I'm feeding 2 children, I have to be careful to keep my calorie intake up so that I can make good milk. However, getting the balance right is difficult so I thought I'd try and lose the weight through exercise. I'm also aware that I'm quite tired right now so I thought I'd build it up slowly. Mostly through walking to nursery to pick up little i and playing wii Just Dance 2. Yesterday I thought I'd up it a bit and walked a couple of miles with little m in a sling. Today I hurt. I hurt bad. But little i had asked me to pick her up from nursery with the bicycle and trailer and, not wanting to let her down, this is what I did. Nursery isn't far away but biking with a trailer on 2 children is hard work! I'm hoping for a good weight loss tomorrow.

I thought about talking about the change in little m. She's been such an easy baby but today she's been a bit unsettled. I say a bit because she's no where near difficult but she's been sucking her hand a lot, wanting to feed more than before and generally preferring to be held than put down. Given that I was tired from yesterdays walking, I couldn't work out why she'd changed so much. I was even pondering giving her a dummy. Little i had a dummy but I'd rather she hadn't. so I wandered off to the coffee machine and put 2 expresso's in my latte and the problem suddenly dawned on me. I dug out my copy of 'The wonder weeks' which is all about the develop mental leaps that baby's go through in the first year and sure enough - she's started going through the first leap. Knowing that, I then knew that all she wanted was a bit of reassurance so I gave up trying to put her down and just enjoyed the cuddles.

Finally, I thought about talking about happiness. Sometimes I feel a bit like I shouldn't mention how happy I am with my life these days because I know that others are not happy and I don't want to rub it in their faces. But I thought today, by keeping quiet about my happiness I am denying my friends and family - the people who are making me happy. So yeah, I'm happy or contented, which ever sits easiest with you. I'm tired and achy but I'm happy because I have 2 lovely girls, a bloke who does tonnes for me, my family close by to lend a hand and some great friends to chat with.


  1. No, tell people you're happy! Life is much better when we don't all moan all the time. (Although I'm about to write a moan for my #oneaday!)

  2. indeed! it does seem sad that some people have an innate desire for other people not to be happy , which is ludicrous, if your happy be happy positivity breeds positivity. I love seeing your happyness or at least reading of it, it cheers me up..smile on!