Monday, 24 January 2011

One Born Every Minute

I love this programme. Back in my youth I wanted to be a Doctor, until I discovered I was - in fact - rubbish at chemistry, I have an A-level to prove I'm rubbish at chemistry! But One Born Every Minute really makes me wish I could retrain and work as a midwife.

Sensibly, I know I can't retrain. My present job pays me too much, has great hours for combining with a family and has fantastic holidays. So until my kids are older, and we've paid off more of the mortgage, I'm going to have to carry on teaching geography - which isn't a problem, I love geography. It just isn't an AMAZING job. It's an enjoyable job but not AMAZING.

I think one of the other reasons why this programme affects me so much is that it brings back so many memories - some not very old as little m is only 5 weeks old today. It makes me realise how lucky I was to have 2 relatively easy births and how utterly gob smacking it is that all these women do something as fabulous as bringing kids into the world - I'm talking about the mums now, but the mw's are all part of that.

Finally, I know someone who works on the maternity ward where they film One Born. She's an ex student of mine and has been working as a maternity assistant and admin assistant/receptionist on the ward. But she's applying to uni to become a midwife. I'm so proud of her. She did the lowest level of qualification with me but she's gone on to do so well for herself.

I think One Born Every Minute is a fantastic programme.

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