Friday, 21 January 2011

The big sister

Little i is an exceptional human being. That's not just me saying that as her mum, she really is exceptional. She's bright and witty and good at almost everything she does. She's confident and friendly and stunning looking.

Before little m came also, little i was the centre of our attention. I worried about how she would deal with the new addition to the family. I worried that she would react badly and it would change the way I felt about her. I thought she might turn naughty, instead of cheeky, to gain attention.

But little i has taken to being a big sister brilliantly. She's loving and caring towards her little sister. Only on a few occasions has the strain of the change shown. On New Years Eve little i asked if little m could go away for a little bit. I could see why that request had been made. 2 weeks earlier, little i's exuberance and loudness was applauded as she would put on shows for the adults to watch. But all of a sudden she was being told off for things that were perfectly acceptable before. It had begun to get to me that people were telling her off or telling her to be quiet because of the baby but the request for little m to go away 'for a little while' was the only  come back from little i. We put little m to bed and let little i stay up later making cakes.

For a few days, while Robs been busy with OFSTED, me and the two girls have been on our own a lot. Little i started getting defiant, knowing that while I was holding little m, there wasn't much I could do about it. But even that has only lasted a couple of days. For the past few days she's been getting better and better again.

Today has been an absolute joy with her. She was a star at tumble tots, she's been a really helpful big sister and this afternoon she spent hours sitting quietly playing peppa pig on a Nintendo ds. She's even gone to bed without any fuss at all. She's been really good company. Bearing in mind that she's only two and a half, I think she's a truly exceptional human being. I love you little i.

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