Friday, 14 January 2011


2 years ago today an amazing child was born way before her time. Her parents called her Mia.

She was a fighter but the odds were stacked against her. It snowed around this time 2 years ago. At times it snowed a lot. Mia never got to leave hospital. There were many highs and lows for her but eventually, her fight became too much and 7 weeks later, still before she was due, she left the world again.

The hole she has left behind is far bigger than her physical size and longer lasting than the few short weeks that she was here. Mia will never be forgotten by the people who felt her force. Family and friends, friends of friends, health care professionals who worked with her, people who are reading this with no connection to her in the slightest. The passing of a child cuts into every one but each person feels that differently and to different extents.

I'm not as eloquent as I'd like to be at times like these and this is a poor tribute in comparison to what she deserves. There are other families I think of and remember their lost children too and sadly, I know there will be more to come. Good things have come after these losses but it doesn't make the loss any less painful or acute.

I never met Mia, I've never even seen a picture of her but I don't need to, to know that she has made a big impact on a lot of people. I love snow (as I've mentioned before in my blogs) but since Mia, I always think of her when it snows. I don't know where the reader sits when it comes to religion but Mia will always remain because she will always be remembered and I like to think that she is a very positive force because she is remembered at a time when children (and me, as a snow lover) are happy and excited.

Happy birthday Snow Angel xx

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