Sunday, 30 January 2011

A test blog via email

I am testing to see if I can blog via email. If this works I will have had a very successful tech savy weekend.

I'd like this to work so that I can still blog when we're away. We go away quite regularly, to Robs family, on band tour or holiday. I even have a hen weekend coming up, although how much henning I'll get to do with a little baby and toddler in tow is yet to be seen.

It would also be quite nice to be able to blog via email so that I can send blogs in when I've already gone to bed then suddenly remember that I haven't posted a blog - like tonight. I've just wasted half an hour trying to blog from my phone via the internet site, without realising that it won't let me post that way so I'm hoping this will work.

If it doesn't work this will be a complete waste of words. If it does work, it's just a waffle - so probably equally a complete waste of words!

In other news - I've had tooth ache, or more correctly jaw ache, for the past couple of days resulting in the consumption of pain killers. I was getting worried that I had a cavity or some other horrific dental issue (I've always had really good teeth up until now). But I've swapped to a sensitive teeth tooth paste and it seems to be getting better. Ache is reducing to only 2 locations instead of a quarter of my entire mouth and painkiller consumption is reduced, although I am considering a dose before bedtime.

also, little i has been ill. Fever and everything. She seemed to be getting better today and went out with the grandparents. She had a lovely day but it's come back this evening and she was in bed by 5.30 and asleep by 6. Although she's been awake and crying on and off since then. Fingers crossed for a better night than the last 2 nights and that she doesn't get up for the day at 4am!

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