Monday, 10 January 2011

Booby group

Little m is 3 weeks old today. Time is a funny old thing because 3 weeks old is really not very old but it feels like she's been here forever. I thought it was about time we got her social life going so at 9am this morning (thats stupid early when you've got a very young baby) we left the house to walk to booby group.

Now, we might dip into the realms of too much information for a millisecond. I breast feed. I still breast feed little i who is 2 year 8 months and now I breast feed little m as well. There are many reasons for this but mainly, it's coz we're lazy. We don't have to get up at night to do a bottle and we don't have to bother with all the washing up! The thing is, when I think about all the reasons I breast feed, laziness really does come top because I also express milk so that the grandparents can babysit, but never - not once - have we thought to use some of that milk for Rob to do a night feed, we're just too lazy!

Anyway, the booby group in town is a relatively new thing. It wasn't around when little i was a baby so I thought we'd make the most of the opportunity this time. I have to be honest, the jury is still out for booby group and me. We arrived and were greeted nicely, there are quite a few mothers there and lots of differently aged babies, little m being the youngest but there was also a 4 week old. But as soon as we got settled, we were asked how the feeding was going. Well, it's going fine. I had the usual PAIN in the first 2 weeks, that the NHS helpfully never warn you about fully but little i helped out in that respect and at least this time, I knew what to expect. And that's it. There's a few ladies who recognise me from about town so I will go back, it's nice to chat with people who are going through similar things and the peer supporters were really helpful to the mother of the 4 week old.

To be honest, I have no idea what I expected!

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