Sunday, 16 January 2011

Half an hour out on my own & other stuff

I have just spent half an hour out of the house on my own! It's the first time I've been on my own for a month.

Little i is out having a special picnic and walk with grandad j. Rob and little m were at home and I went to Tesco to buy toilet roll. Rock and roll baby! The thing about living in a small town though, is that you're never really on your own. True to form, in the cough medicine aisle I bumped into little i's godmother. It was nice to have a chat without littlies running about though.

The midwife came back this morning. There's no problem, just another midwife had used the wrong form for the heel prick test when little m was 8 days old so they're having to redo it. It was really nice actually because the midwife who arrived today was the lady who came in the ambulance with me and delivered little m. Anyway, we took the opportunity to get m weighted too. She's 9lb 4 now. That's a 14oz gain in 10 days. I've very chuffed.

All is well in the household, and we even have bog roll now.

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