Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Knitted stuff

I am the kind of person who has a 'to do' list. Mostly for work purposes but the habit has stuck even now I'm on leave. Ticking stuff off the list makes me feel like my day has been productive.

These days, it's mostly stuff I want to knit on my list. For example, little i has asked my to knit her some monster bum trousers. I have cast on for these today. She has selected the colours - purple and pink. I have a bad habit of knitting clothes up smaller than intended so I hope these will be ok. She's very excited.

Little m has already grown out of her hat already (getting big so quickly) so last night I knitted her a hat. Again, my problem with knitting clothes too small struck and I'm going to have to knit the next size up when I get the chance.

Two friends want Penelope dolls for friends. They could only find a crochet pattern but neither crochet so I've promised to make them one each when I get the pattern.

Also on my list is a jumper for me, a knitted paper chain (oxymoron?), some socks and a world map. The world map and paper chain, I've started but keep putting to one side while I do other projects.

So enough of this blogging - I have a monster bum to knit.

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