Saturday, 15 January 2011


There are many reasons why teachers hate OFSTED (The education inspection body) but today, my reasons are purely personal.

Little m is still less than 4 weeks old and I'm acutely aware that the time with a newborn goes way too fast. This is also our last baby so every second is precious.

Yesterday afternoon Robs school got the call from OFSTED. They are going in Tuesday and Wednesday. This means that Rob has got to spend the weekend writing lesson plans and collating the paper work which may or may not be asked for. He's also still getting sorted after his paternity leave which means he's got more marking to do than usual to catch up.

So, because of this stupid inspection body, which is fighting for it's political life because it's basically utterly crap, Rob is missing these precious moments with his little girl.

What annoys me most of all is that all this work for OFSTED is additional. His lessons are planned and the paper work is there, just in a format that is useful on a day to day basis. OFSTED want it in a format convenient to them. It has nothing to do with how well the school is educating it's students.

I have been teaching over 10 years now and been through 3 inspections but have never been observed by an inspector. Never even been spoken too. Now, how can a body like this slag off the education profession when they can't even be bothered to see all the staff?

Dear OFSTED you are poo and I hate you for taking my baby's Daddy away at a time like this.

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