Monday, 31 January 2011

Sat in the doctors waiting room

My appointment was meant to be 15 mins ago so I thought I'd see how much of a blog I could do before being called.

I've already wasted an hour this morning trying to get an appointment over the phone in the first place. You can't book in advance anymore. You have to phone on the morning you want to be seen.

Everyones ill in here. I'm not ill. Little m is 6 weeks today so I'm here for my post natal check.I can tell you how it'll go - I'll tell them I'm ok, they'll offer me contraception and I'll leave. Won't be mentioning the tandem feeding thing, even health care professionals can be funny about that one - especially my dr who told me to put little I on a bottle and into her own room at 8 weeks coz she wasn't sleeping through the night. My dr would be horrified to hear that little I still doesn't sleep through.

The musak here is naff. 25 mins later.

I'm running out of things to say! My name was put down for a breastfeeding peer councillors course this morning - very pleased.

Just saw the midwife who delivered little m.
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