Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Heart ache and hooray.

Why do the things we love cause us the most heart ache? Yes, my car is broken again. I took it out for a run today as it's been sitting on the drive since Thursday but it seems that it used its rest period to leak all it's coolant onto the drive. It over heated badly again so tonight it is sad in the mini mans garage again. Really hoping it's a quick fix because we have somewhere to be on Thursday that we are really NOT going to miss. Little i has been looking forward to going back to Jellybeans (music group) since last Thursday when we found out she had a place again so car or no car, we're going to be there!

It's getting to the point where a new car is seriously being considered. Although, truthfully, I don't really think it's being considered. It's just looking more and more inevitable. But I have faith in the mini man. He'll patch it up again and we'll be ok for another fortnight before it decides to do something else terrible.

On the flip side, hooray for little i who has done a whole week of settling herself to sleep. Tonight was the best yet, she even read her spot the dog books until she fell asleep. No stress, no mucking about. Because she has done a whole week now, she gets a special prize tomorrow of an octonauts book. Nexts weeks challenge is to try and get her to stay asleep, or at least quiet, until getting up time.

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