Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A caching triumph after a, not so unexpected, bombshell

Today we went to the dentist and I got it confirmed that I need a filling. The dentist had to take an x-ray but I knew that there was something wrong. I've never had to have anything done to my teeth before but I suppose that's just another price you pay for having been blessed with kids. I'm quite laid back about it coz I have no idea what having a filling involves and I don't have to have it until April.

Anyway - to make up for this bombshell, we decided to do a few more geocaches. 10 caches in fact! There is a series of caches that run from Skegness in Lincolnshire - the county in which I come from, to Ness in the Wirral - close to where Rob comes from (although he says he's from Cheshire and Ness is in Merseyside lol). so we did a few of them plus a few more nearby. We have had a spate of DNF's (did not finds) but we got every single one of these. I was very chuffed, although I was also chilled to the bone. It took me 3 hours to warm up again and most of the distance we covered today was done in the car! We just jumped out to find the caches. Anyway, I really enjoyed it.

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  1. aww hun i also didnt have any fillings done until i was 30, they where only small ones and they used white to fill them out as i was pregnant. Felt sad that id actually had to have them, but it didnt hurt and was very quick..quicker and less painfull than a polish and scrape..just the drilling vibration can set your nerves on end. gl xx Well done on the bounty!