Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My 'must buy' for all those with a new baby

The snot sucker. More commonly known as a nasal aspirator. 

I have had two snot suckers in my time. The first was a bulb aspirator. Basically you squeeze the bulb, place it at the baby's nostril and let the bulb go. It's supposed to suck the snot out as it refills with air. This is a cheap but rubbish product. Firstly, it doesn't suck well so it doesn't actually do the job. Secondly, it's impossible to clean so if it does suck any snot, it just sits in the bulb - gross.

The second we got this year when little m caught a cold at eleven days old. We couldn't find the bulb snot sucker so rushed out to Boots. This is what we found. Now, the concept is a little gross. You put one end on the nostril and the other end you put in your mouth and suck gently. There is a filter so no snot can get in your mouth. Once you stop gagging at the thought of it, this is actually a brilliant product. You can vary the suck strength depending on how the baby is reacting and how stubborn the snot is. It's slightly see through so you can see when the snot has been extricated. When you're sucking it sounds a bit like a hoover for the nose! Also, it's cleanable. You can open the baby end and wash it out. 

So, my must have baby item is a nasal aspirator, nose hoover thingy. You may mock me now for this but when your little baby is suffering because they can't breath properly, you will also suck snot with the best of them.

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