Sunday, 13 February 2011

A blog from the bog

I won't say what I'm doing in the bog but I will tell you why I've decided on this unfortunate location for a blog post.

Firstly, with two littlie, I'm finding that time to myself is getting rather rare. At the moment they are both asleep in my bed. Just being in the bathroom without one in the moses basket with me and the other hammering down the door is unusual. In the evenings, once they've gone to sleep, its time to listen to the mr going on and on about work or some other such annoyance. So I have to multitask. This usually means playing on my laptop while attending to the family at the same time.

My second reason, however, ties in with the end of the first. I feel like I've spent too much time on the laptop. It's on all day every day and, as is the way when you are immersed in the internet community, I sometimes find myself getting drawn into stuff. So I've decided to have some time away from my laptop - god knows my house will be grateful for that as it's a tip and I'm losing stuff I need.

Obviously though, due to the wonder of modern technology, time away from the laptop does not mean cutting myself off from the internet completely as I have a blackberry! But internet usage with the phone becomes an active rather than a passive decision.

So, now you must excuse me - I'm in the toilet!
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  1. Just had to turn the laptop on to charge my ereader. #fail.