Friday, 18 February 2011

A long journey with a small child.

I'm en route to a hen weekend but having a small baby and needing a baby sitter - the whole family are coming too.

The small baby is doing well, she's just fallen asleep but the toddler has already utter the immortal words 'are we neary there yet?'. Who teaches small children that phrase? Who ever it is must be having a huge laugh at our expense. She's just said it again.

I'm alittle apprehensive about this weekend. I'm not really into the whole going out thing at the moment and can't (she's said it again) drink so I'm just going as the witness to what will be very messy for others!

The little I is watching a dvd of something special in the back,m every so often, when she's not saying 'are we nearly there yet' she's shouting at Mr Tumble. A little while ago she said 'I can't see germany' which was interesting for so many reasons but mainly because we (again, she's said it) are going to Birmingham, not germany!

Anyway, must get back to making 'I'm (again) interested' noises (again) at the mr who's (again x5) been ranting away to himself while driving.
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