Friday, 25 February 2011

Ice skating - So proud!

We took little I ice skating for the first time today. Her feet are only just big enough for the boots and we weren't sure what she'd make of it.

She's been excited about it all week but at lunchtime she said she just wanted to watch. So we said we'd get her some skates, just incase she changed her mind.

She wasn't happy putting the boots on but she had a go walking in them and was abit happier. Then she saw everyone going round in circles and that was it - she wanted to go round in circles too!

Rob took her round the first time and held her under her arms while I stayed with little m. Then I took her round, holding her hand but I'm not very confident to begin with and I think the instructors on the ice took pity on me coz when little I asked for a penguin (kids push them around to help them balance) they found her one.

After they showed her how to use it there was no stopping her! We were away from the side and having races (slow races obviously) round the rink. By the end she was trying to leave the penguin behind and skate on her own. She fell a few times at this point but it didn't phase her at all. Not bad for a 2 year old.

Yet again, it just reminded me of what an amazing little human she is :)
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