Thursday, 10 February 2011

USA, UK, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Singapore, Greece and the Netherlands

Hello to you all.

According to my stats, these are the countries with people who have viewed one of my blogs. As a geography teacher, I  love that bit of the stats. I find it fantastic that people from all those places have looked at one or more of my random waffles.

I thank you all and look forward to seeing you and further countries in the future!

I was rocking little m to sleep this morning and it struck me (as it often has in the past) just how much I love geography. I love knowing about the world in all it's forms. It's like a hobby that I'm lucky enough to do as a job. If you could take all the crap bits out of teaching, teaching geography would be perfect. Not so long ago, it looked like the government would make geography a little known subject in the curriculum and I was facing never teaching my subject again. Thankfully, with a change of administration, geography is now one of the key subjects at secondary level and I think it's brilliant.

The travel bug, that I blogged about yesterday, has been picked up and our first piece of information has been logged. You can follow it here. I was talking to little i about where the bug was going and the information that had been logged and she asked to see a map of where it was. A little later she said that she wanted to be a geographer. I'm quietly proud.

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