Thursday, 24 February 2011

Living fast

I think I have two insomniacs for daughters.

Little i has never needed a huge amount of sleep at night. 10 hours is more than enough for her and that will be split by waking 3-4 times, even now. She's very hit and miss when going to bed as well. We used to sit with her until she fell asleep but can't do that now coz of the new baby so are training her into looking at her books or playing her ds. She loves playing peppa pig before going to sleep. Tonight it worked a treat and was asleep within 15 minutes of us leaving her. Last night was a different story. Even at 9.30 she was coming down telling us that she didn't want to go to sleep because 'it's boring'. Then she woke more times than I can remember during the night and got up for the day before 6am. I think the longest block of sleep I got was 1 hour 10 minutes.

Little m obviously still needs to wake in the night for feeds. She's quite good usually and only wakes once but last night it was more than once - I honestly couldn't tell you how many times more though coz my brain went to mush. She doesn't particularly like going to sleep at night though. Even now, she is lying next to me shouting. She even managed 2 solid hours of baby AND toddler music today. She looked so shattered by the end but was to nosy to go to sleep - she's only 9 weeks for goodness sake.

Rob wonders how we managed to get children who don't need sleep but then I think about myself. I have to be reading or playing on my phone or ds before I can drop off and little i is doing exactly the same. So I suppose it's my own fault. It's Rob I feel sorry for. On the whole, I can cope quite happily with out much sleep but he needs his sleep. Poor bloke.

We're off on our travels again tomorrow so it's back to blogs from the phone and no twitter adverts but I'll still do my one a day, hopefully!

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