Saturday, 8 January 2011


The whole point of this was that I would post one blog a day for a year. Obviously, I failed before I began because I only started on the 3rd January but yesterday I added to that failure by not posting.

Does this mean I should give up? My target will not be achieved. I already know that and it's only the 8th January. The thing I've learnt about New Year Resolutions is that just because you miss one or two targets, it's not an excuse to give up. For me, resolutions aren't a 'complete this in it's entirety or it's not worth doing'. They are things that are designed to make me or my life better and so falling off the wagon once or twice will not change that. so I will carry on waffling inane crap for as long as I can!

I have a group of friends on the internet who don't really make resolutions. We make predictions. It's a far more positive way of doing the resolution thing. Here are my predictions for the year.

1) Get down to & stay in healthy BMI
2) Sash bust - I will end the year with less stash (wool) than I started with
3) Go back to work in sept as HoF
4) Go to the Isle of Man & rock pool with little i.
5) Be generally happy and thankful for everything I have and have done
6) Become a breastfeeding peer supporter
7) Try to be more tolerant and nice to Rob, in return he has said he will try to be more open and loving. I'm not sure either of us will get anywhere with this one lol.
8) As a mum of 2 girls now - I will attempt to make more effort with my appearance. This year - make up.
9) I will write a blog a day. Just because I can.

So you can see, they are the usual new year resolution stuff mixed with some aims for the year. We review them every so often. Even if it doesn't achieve much, it's a bit of fun.

As a teacher I have the attitude that I may have missed that one blog yesterday but I've done 5 blogs now that I would never have done if I hadn't started trying to do one a day. I say 'as a teacher' because I think that the attitude behind my thinking is what gets me through my job. It may be a ridiculously hard job at times. The work rate is relentless and people (management and kids) can be horrendously evil to you but in my mind, there is always something positive to focus on and that's how I finish every day. Focusing on the positive. My work friends may find this surprising because I can get very annoyed with stuff but at the end of the day, there really is always a positive - even if it's only that there will be a holiday soon!

So, what was going on yesterday which meant that I didn't have time to post at least a tiny blog? Truthfully? Nothing. Rob's still on paternity leave and little i doesn't go into nursery on a Friday so we were playing. Then in the evening the grandparents came to babysit, as is their tradition, and we went for a meal which was nice. I'd planned to blog when we got back but both girls were still up until 10pm and then we went to bed. See nothing interesting, no great excuses. I was just tired. Oh, I got my car back yesterday though, good as new.

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  1. No I agree there is no point in giving up if you falter. I've probably already made more posts this week than all of last year!

    Your predictions/aims for the year sound good, especially the positives. Actually one of the reasons I spend more time with the kids than staff (ie doing lunchtime club) is that staff tend to bitch about the kids, the work and each other a little too much.