Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Easy Jet and the saga of the baby on the band tour

The concert band are going on a tour to Germany at Whitsun. This is a much looked forward to event and we've been preparing for it since October. The flights were booked as soon as they were released by Easy Jet (needless to say, the instruments are going by road - can you imagine the cost of all those instruments on a budget airline!). However, at the time we didn't know what sex the new baby was going to be and we thought you'd need your passport number or at least a name to book a baby onto a flight so Rob, myself and little i were booked with the rest of the band and we agreed that we would amend the booking to add little m on after she was born.

I tried to do that today. The man organising the tour had rung Easy Jet and got instructions on how to add an infant, which he emailed to me. I went through the instructions (which Easy Jet had given us) and it removed me from the booking while adding little m as an adult with an infant. It also wanted to charge us £123!! So I tried again, not following the instructions and managed to get myself book as an adult with the addition of an infant which has cost us £40. This took me the best part of a day including a couple of failed attempts to get through to Easy Jet customer services on the phone. While they have you on hold, listening to music you would never willingly chose to listen to, they are charging you 10p a minute plus network charges. I now know how budget airlines make a profit - it's from all the poor saps waiting on hold for a stupidly long time. I can not emphasis enough at this point that I have spent good money here and I NEVER SPOKE TO ANYONE!!! I got bored waiting and sorted the problem myself...eventually.

In the end, they didn't want any passport details and weren't even interested in little m's name. Thanks alot Easy Jet. Oh well, never mind. Germany, here we come!

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