Saturday, 22 January 2011

The definition of decadence!

This morning a HUGE box arrived from Thorntons. This concerned me at first because I had been mucking about of on the Thorntons website last week but I had been strong and deleted my basket before buying anything. So the arrival of this HUGE box made me panic that I'd inadvertently bought a huge amount of chocolate without actually putting any credit card details in.

The panic got worse when I opened the box and what was in it was very similar to the order I very nearly placed. This confusion arose because the box was delivered upside down due to the fact that the bottom was about to fall out of it. So I took all 5 boxes of chocolate - yes 5!! - out of the box and started looking for a delivery note. No delivery note. Finally I lifted one of the flaps that would have been at the top of the box, had the box not been upside down, and I found a message from a friend. This huge amount of choc has been bought for me to celebrate the birth of little m. How amazingly kind is that? It actually blew me away!

Anyway - one of the boxes was a huge slab of Thorntons milk chocolate. I have ear marked this slab to be melted down and used to make chocolate cornflake cakes with little i - and that is my definition of decadence!

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