Saturday, 30 April 2011

Thoughts on turning 3

Little i has been 3 for nearly 2 weeks now and it suddenly struck me today just what a leap this society gives to the age of 3.

Two weeks ago, little i was banned from certain toys that were considered too small for 2 year olds to handle without choking themselves. A 2 year old is stupid and must be protected from themselves. I went into classes with her as 2 years olds are unruly and a little bit mental but also easily scared and shy so need one to one assistance from their parents. Little i was never like this really. She never tried to choke herself on toys and had always treated me like a driver coz as soon as we got into the classes, she would clear off!

But all of a sudden, literally over night, little i is 3 and a responsible member of the human race. I am not longer required in tumble tots classes and this morning she started ballet, which is a class I will never get to accompany her in. And typically, she took the hand of the teacher and cleared off into the class for 45mins without even saying good bye! She is now allowed beads and other small articles and I've discovered that she can thread very well.

I know this is all part of growing up but  I had no idea that 3 was as significant a birthday as 17 and suddenly being allowed to drive or 18 and becoming a legal drinker. So parents of 2 year olds, celebrate this milestone and revel in the discovery of just how much your newly 3 year old can do even though they weren't allowed the day before.

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