Saturday, 23 April 2011

Little I's birthday party

Last weekend we celebrated little i's birthday. Little i's clever. Always has been. This is her helping to pack away after her first birthday party:

But this is the first year she got excited about it weeks in advance. She chose who to invite and what food she wanted. Although the invites didn't go entirely to plan as she wanted her DS and doll to get an invite too.

We had some help setting up from Uncle A. scary man but good at blowing up balloons. Blowing them up and then popping them afterwards!

Little i bummed around for a bit while she waited for her guests to arrive and little m practised being cute.

Eventually it was time to get going. After a suitable period for the kids to run around and go mental they all settled down with Elizabeth from Jelly beans music This is one of the baby and toddler groups that I take the girls to. Little I has been going on and off (work allowing) since she was 5 weeks (should have been 4 weeks but even back then, the car let us down) and little m has been going since she was 3 weeks. They both love it and so it was an obvious choice for party entertainment. Elizabeth does classes through the local sure start centres and has produced a series of 'music in a bag' resources. From this little i has selected 2 of her favourite songs which Elizabeth included in the party play list. i was in her element surrounded by her friends.

But the party really got going when Elizabeth got the big parachute out. There weren't enough kids to support the parachute and play the games so Elizabeth got all the parents to join in. It was FAB! Kids that age love spending time with their mums and dads so when they got involved the giggle volume went up massively. There were balls flying every where then the kids went under and the parents moved the parachute up and down above their heads. The odd kid who didn't listen to the instructions got brained by the parachute making all the mums and dads giggle too! To end this section Elizabeth got all the kids into the middle of the parachute for a ride - all the parents had to run round in a  circle spinning the Parachute and the kids LOVED it.

After that all the adults started chatting and the kids settled down under the listening cloth to calm down abit. Finally, Elizabeth included another of little i's favourites. It's the song 'My bonny lies over the ocean' but little i changes to words to sing it to her baby sister and at the party they all sang to little m.

My Dad - grand dad dim - supplied the party food and I'm sad that we didn't get a picture because the spread was brilliant! The parents again livened up when they realised there was enough for them too, the daddies were particularly pleased and many came up for 3rd's and 4th's. Gran - my mum- did a valiant job as tea lady.

I had a go at making the birthday cake. I am not a baker and even less of an artist but this is what I managed.
It's shrek, just in case anyone wasn't sure! Most of the kids got it although one boy did point out that shrek was wearing lip balm.

It was a fab party and little i enjoyed herself massively. After all that, the family helped pack away. We were all milling about while little m was left on a blanket on the floor. Most people had left, some were packing cars outside and mum and me were in the kitchen when I heard a mildly distressed cry from little m. I ran into the main room to find this:
After all this, little m had learned to roll over :-)

Tomorrow (or when I finally get round to it) little i's actual birthday blog.

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