Sunday, 24 April 2011

Little i's 3rd birthday

The day after the party was little i's actual birthday. I am now the owner of a three year old! We spent the morning opening presents and taking a visit from the grand parents.

She had asked for a camera so that was one of the first presents she opened. We'd checked out all the kiddie cameras which come at about £50 each but she had one of those a few years ago for christmas and it was rubbish for a number of reasons.

1) it ate batteries like they were going out of fashion
2) it was massive
3) it had a load of stupid functions on it that meant that she could easily switch it to stupid hat mode, which ruined some great pics and
4) we took it to Honk Kong last summer and it broke.

So, after some expert advice from uncle A we went for a cheap digital camera which went down a storm with little i. Her first photo was of her sister.

We also got her a cornet. It's just a cheap second hand one from ebay. She's been playing our french horns for a while but they're big and a little expensive for a toddler to be playing with so we got her an instrument of her own.
To be honest, this didn't go down as well as the pom poms a friend got her, which she calls bom boms for some reason but she loves them none the less.

We waited to show her my mum and dads present until they came round. We all went into to garden to find...
A trampoline YAY! The best thing about this present is that I can go on it too! Little i has been on it every day since. She has boundless energy and we thought this would help tire her out but it hasn't she just bounces on it for hours.

Little m took in the days events in her usual style

The birthday treat was to go ice skating in Nottingham. Little i is very good with a penguin to hold her up but we discovered that she's also good without a penguin, I think she just kids on that she needs a penguin coz she likes the look of it.

We went with little i's supportive adult - which doesn't sound anywhere near so good as god parent but is the non religious version - and her daughter.

We finished the day with a trip to Toys R Us to get Robs dads' present to little i and spend some birthday money. She's got £15 and managed to get 3 babies and a sweet shop with it! For the first time she actually gave her dolls names too. We have hannah/anna, inna and honey.
The last present, from Robs dad, was her first bike. She was gently guided to a nice purple one and the moment she saw it she called it 'her most perfect bike'. It's taken her a few days to get into it as she's been distracted by the trampoline but yesterday we went on a walk on the cycle track. It has a bridge that goes over the dual carriage way and we discovered that she could pedal quite successfully down hill. once she got the theory, she was away and cycled most of the way home. We tried again today and she's totally got it. It's very cute because she wiggles from side to side as she's peddling.

So there we go. i am now the proud owner of a three year old. I'll finish with a few pics of the day from little i's new camera.

Little i's first picture with the new camera

The trampoline

Family taken from the trampoline

Vending machine at the ice skating

Hannah/anna the new baby on the new bike

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