Saturday, 5 March 2011

A tortoise with a death wish

My tortoise has a death wish or she's an adrenalin junky, I'm not sure which. For the past 2 days, I've been stopping her climbing the guard rail of the balcony in her pen. Her pen is split level and has a very nice ramp for her to walk up and down on. But she's decided that she'd rather take a more direct route - over the wall.

Well today she managed to get to her tipping point and hurled herself over the edge. It's a good foot drop onto a flag stone. Rob and little i heard the thud and went running to her assistance. Thankfully, she was ok. In the words of little i 'shes saying sorry to herself' - I think she means 'feeling sorry for herself'.

We've raised the guard rail and you would have thought the experience would make her more reticent but no - I've had to stop her from attempting to go over the top twice more. So I gave in and brought her out of her pen to wander around the house. But even then this tortoise with a death wish isn't happy. I've just had to stop her eating little i's crumpet - crumpet is not good for tortoises. Neither is sticker, oats, egg cups or playdoh. We have fed her this morning but I've just given her a little bit more. Either 1) She has a death wish 2) Is ravenously hungry or 3) Is trying to point out that our house needs cleaning.

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