Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Heating (eon saga continues) and injections

So I was told that E-on would be here between 8 and 10am. So I get up even though I was woken 5 times in the night between the two girls. Waited and waited. At 10 I rang E-on. They have some lovely people on the phone who were disgusted to hear that me and my 2 young children had been made to go through 2 nights without heat but the guy was actually due to visit between 8 and 1.

So I waited and waited. 1pm came and still no Mr E-on. I rang again. Apparently he's running late. At this point I  start complaining that we've been made to wait so long and we're meant to be priority customers. They assure me that we are priority customers (I'd like to know how long we'd have to wait if we didn't have kids) and that if someone had rung me to say that the man was going to be late, I wouldn't be as angry. Erm, sorry Mr E-on phone guy - you were very nice but I would still be angry. 2 nights without heat, having to get up early and stay in all morning and then for the guy to be late is not good. Even if you had rung to tell me. AND little m was due for her jabs this afternoon. He asked me to wait in - erm NO, it's her jabs for goodness sake.

Anyway - the e-on technician arrived at 1.45pm. He diagnosed the problem and then 30mins later discovered that he needed to order a part. Not a problem coz he could get us heat back but would need to return on another day. So he fixes it, turns the heating on and the boiler starts pissing with water. This is a completely unrelated problem apparently but will need 2 guys to come and take the boiler off the wall to fix it.

At 3.30 I have to boot the guy - a very nice guy - out of my house so I can get to the Dr's on time. 2 different guys are booked to come on Thursday morning to fix the boiler. It'll take 2 hours. They better not ruin my whole day again.

I was the Dr for little m's 8 week check (yes, she is 10 weeks - never mind) 20mins after the appointment time. 5 mins with the Dr and we're back out into the waiting room for the jabs. An hour after our appointment time we finally get into the nurse. Little m is such a laid back little human. She was gurgling and smiling away then bam, jab - jab. She was inconsolable. She wouldn't feed. I had to carry her back into the waiting room crying her face off. She had a catnap in the car and was mostly settled this evening but cried alot getting to sleep. I'm just so not used to hearing her cry.

So all in all, cold house and upset baby.

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