Monday, 14 March 2011

Problems we're lucky to have

I was sat in the pub this lunchtime reading 'i', the baby version of the Independent newspaper and this small article caught me attention. Basically, it was all about the problems that drive us crazy in he developed world and how, actually, we're so lucky to be able to whinge about what we do. I only disagree on one small point - I wouldn't lump everyone in the developed world together.

I was sat in the pub because my car wouldn't start this morning, which was mildly annoying but nothing out of the ordinary any more! I needed my car to start because I wanted to get to breastfeeding group as I had mastitis 2 weekends ago. I had mastitis 2 weekends ago because I'm exhausted. I'm exhausted because I'm tandem feeding both my girls.

I am lucky. I am feeding 2 children when most women in the developed world don't get the chance or support to feed 1. I have two health children without any problems conceiving, carrying or delivering them. I have an annoying car that loves to break down but only when I don't have to drive into work everyday. I'm lucky because I have a car and I have a car I love. I'm lucky because I have a job, even though I'd rather stay at home with my girls, I have a job and a job that I enjoy. I moan about my job too much.

I'm lucky because I won over £100 on scratch cards this weekend. I am lucky because my world wasn't destroyed and washed away in an earthquake and tsunami.

I am lucky and I really really appreciate that.

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